About Us

Conserve the Air, Water and Land of Goa for Goans

Who We are

Goans Committed towards Goa

Revolutionary Goans is an organizarion which has been constantly striving for the wellbeing of Goa and Goans. Lets not only save trees but plant more trees

Green Goa initiative by revolutionary Goans is to increase the green cover of Goa, Provide safe and clean drinking water, Mangage garbage problem and help people to be self dependent on power supply.

Why Choose Us

Revolutionary Goans has excellent track record and comittment towards Goa, it's land and people. The approach of Revolutions Goans an an organization is eco friendly means to run daily lives

Revolutionary Goans is a team of nature entusiast and Energetic youths

The team is driven by a long term vision of trackling of climate change and upcoming drinking water shortage which could effect millions of people around India

Our Team

conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends

Manoj Parab


Geologist by profession, Now working for Goa and it's people


Aditya Dessai

Founding Member

Software Engineer by profession offers his corporate experience for the organization


Vishvesh Naik

Founding Member

Photographer, Animal lover and Nature Enthusiast, Manages HR for RG


Viresh Borkar

Founding Member

IT Guy and Land Conservation activist. Manages HR activities of RG